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1 November 2013

Draw It In Chalk LP

It has been officially two years to the day that we recorded what we didn't know then would be our very last recording.  We stepped into Mogul Recording Studios after a pretty intense couple of months locked away rewriting, rethinking and reinventing the sound we then had become known for and affiliated with.  The hope was to capture something that had previously escaped us.  Without any frills and studio tricks we laid 9 songs bare, raw and live.  For many years this had always been a personal goal of mine, I was always drawn to and inspired by the raucous sounds of Crazy Horse and the more modern Felice Brothers - you could almost smell the dank sweat and honesty that went into these recordings.  Draw It In Chalk captured one night in a padded studio, four young men in a room with two boys next door working controls, and everyone in the moment.  Bar an overdrive pedal there were no other effects used on this recording.  It is just as bold a sound as was made on the night and I'm so pleased to finally share it with y'all.

There are so many people that we could thank over the years of travelling and shows, great bands we played with, friends we made and folk learning the words to our songs..These are the things we will never forget and the people we will always remember.  When we played live we played with real honesty.  Sure there were mistakes and we sure as hell weren't a polished sound, but that's how we liked our music and we can only hope for the span of time we had that y'all did too.  Personally I couldn't have shared the stage with a better bunch of friends, now family

Below is the link to Draw It In Chalk LP, free download.

We hope you have as much fun with it as we did recording it, and all of our previous work.

From my brothers & sister at Captain Kennedy I say goodnight, and please enjoy

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