Welcome to the website of Captain Kennedy, a 6-piece rock band from Ireland. Check out our upcoming gigs or feel free to click on the links to our other sites.

26 November 2009

In the Studio

We are currently in the studio with Mudd Wallace recording our debut album, due out early next year. Keep an eye out on the site for further details!

13 November 2009

BBC Raw Money Gig Footage

Hey y'all. Had a great gig on Friday night for BBC Across the Line. You can view the whole gig online HERE. We played an acoustic version of "Stretch That Penny", a song from our forthcoming album. (We are on at about 1hr 15 mins in if you want to skip!)

4 November 2009

BBC Raw Money Gig Sold-Out!

Our gig for the BBC on Friday night alongside Foy Vance, Cat Malojian, Swanee River etc. is now officially sold-out. However, we have 2 free guestlist passes available. All you have to do is email with your name. We will pick a random winner tomorrow at lunchtime.

Don't worry if you aren't able to make the gig as it will be streamed live on the BBC Radio Ulster ATL site on Friday night from 8.30pm. Hope you can tune in!