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17 February 2012

Paper Cut - New Single on Soundcloud

Paper Cut is the first single from the first of two EPs which were recorded as part of a 9-song, live studio performance and are due for release in the coming weeks.
Most songs from the EPs were recorded in one take.
Everything on the EPs are exactly as it sounded on the night.

FREE DOWNLOAD and streaming available from Soundcloud

Press Release

Paper Cut is the first single from a 9-song session which was recorded on 1st November 2011.
The new single was recorded completely live in studio.

Captain Kennedy's new release has them show us exactly how the unabashed band sound.

Four musicians locked in tight playing live a set of songs that show off the 4-pieces new grit and rawness.
Each song on the release is in the order which the band put them down them on the night, and it's possible to actually hear the room warm up throughout the record.
EP due for release in the coming month.

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