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9 October 2009

Open House Festival Review

A nice little review of our gig with Alela Diane appeared HERE's a quick extract......

"The first act are local band Captain Kennedy, whose blues-tinged folk music has made them somewhat prominent on the local folk scene. They trip casually onto the stage, each member brandishing an instrument and grinning sheepishly out into the crowd. The lead singer, Ciaran Lavery, sports a jaunty trilby, and ominously begins the set by apologising profusely. ‘Sorry, we won’t be long…’

They needn’t have; Captain Kennedy provided a rollicking start to the evening; their grimy brand of Americana – seamlessly combining indie-rock leanings with rootsy, traditional flourishes – is deceptively intelligent, and above all, immense good fun.

The band’s greatest weapon is Ciaran’s remarkable voice – Lavery is blessed with a throaty, bluesy howl, reminiscent of such folk troubadours as Marcus Mumford or The Tallest Man on Earth. The band tore through a foot-stompingly good set, each song intensifying to a strings-topped, rip-roaring crescendo. The bravado onstage sweetly clashed with the band’s between-song banter; they shyly thanked the crowd, and promised brevity (much to the crowd’s dismay)."

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